Puerto Alegre e.V.

Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Straße 20, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Puerto Alegre is the "Happy Harbour" for

  • Humanistic ideas such as tolerance, solidarity and fairness

  • Support of the international idea and tolerance in all cultural areas
  • Fair Trade at our shop "Weltladen"
  • Projects, campaigns, events and pubications

Educational Events

Education at Puerto Alegre e.V. stands for a variation of offers - information, events, workshops and more - through which we all can learn. For example:

  • Events like the „Fair Breakfast", in which you receive information on a recent topic and can be part of the discussion after a breakfast made from regional, biological and fair trade products.

  • Public evening events with speeches on a developmental topic

  • Events during "fair week", tasting events, political events and campaigns.

  • Information at Weltaden about the offered products.

Visit our event page, the Weltladen or our Event-Blog for information on upcoming events. If you are organizing something yourself, you can always ask us to participate!

Short history of Puerto Alegre e.V.

The society was formed in 1990 by dedicated people from Frankfurt, with the aim of creating a multicultural place for foreigners as well as people from our city.

Right from the start it has been important to the club members to get together people from different cultural backgrouds and to promote humanistic ideas like tolerance, hepfulness, solidarity and fairness through events, campaigns and conventions, while calling attention to problems of foreigners as well as the distribution of material and intellectual goods in the world.

Shortly after, the "Weltladen" was opened at Mikado, a shop in which there are offered various Fair Trade products.  In summer of 2014 it moved to the city center and can now be found behind the town hall.

In order to educate ourselves and others about essential questions, show coherences and promote   community spirit, conflict solving skills and democtratic  cooperation, educational activity around developmental topics became part of our work.

For more than 20 years,  Puerto Alegre e.V. has built up educational work,  mainly with children and teenagers and realised it with many groups and institutions. Since 2015 this  work is continued at "Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V." Other educational and information events are still organised by Puerto Alegre e.V. - voluntarily.

Puerto Alegre e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein.

Spenden können von der Steuer abgesetzt werden.

IBAN: DE56 1705 5050 3900 0587 91


Puerto Alegre e.V.

Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Str. 20

15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Tel.: +49/0 335 530285